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  • Human Capital Management

    • Attracting and retaining Human Capital (Recruitment and selection of medium level positions, managerial and executive level positions).

  • Human Capital Development

    • Diagnosis of organizational climate & action plans development.
    • Management and legal compliance training (Detection of training needs, training plans and implementation thereof).
    • Team building & events integration / socialization.
    • Evaluation of job performance.
    • Design of motivational strategies for staff.

  • Business Psychology and Psychosocial risks

    • Legal compliance diagnosis regarding psychosocial risks.
    • Assessments levels of job stress, harassment, discrimination, etc.
    • Preventive and corrective training in psychosocial and human development issues.
    • Psychotherapy for staff.
    • Psychological Checkups for middle management, supervision and management.
    • Advice on obtaining distinctive such as "socially responsible company" "Inclusive Company" "Company familiarm responsible entity" , "Standard Mexican labor equality and nondiscrimination NMX R- 025- SCFI -2015", etc.
    • Raising awareness on prevention of discrimination on grounds of disability or vulnerability.
    • Mental Health internal campaigns.